Fox's Pizza

Who We Are

Fox Pizza Den is Locally Owned and Operated.

Fox’s is ranked as one of the World’s Top 20 pizza franchises! We’ve been proudly serving the very best pizza and specialty sandwiches all over the country since 1971.

We offer something for everyone with our pizzas ranging in 6 sizes from our signature 21-cut ‘Big Daddy Pizza’ down to our ‘Bambino’ pizza. We also carry wonderful sandwiches like our 13” oven-toasted subs and Fox’s world famous Wedgies. Our menu doesn’t stop there with tasty wings, fresh salads, and other yummy sides.

We GUARANTEE to serve you only the best pizza and here’s why…

Dough Cartoon Pizza slice

Our dough is made from an old family recipe with high protein unbleached spring wheat flour. No preservatives added!

Sauce Cartoon Pizza slice

Our sauce is prepared using an award winning recipe by an Italian chef. It is made with hand-picked Roma tomatoes, a unique Pecorino Romano cheese and extra virgin olive oil. There are no fillers, no starches and no preservatives added!

Cheese Cartoon Pizza slice

Our 100% REAL cheese blend comes from Wisconsin, in America’s dairyland with no preservatives added!

“Guaranteed best pizza from our den to yours.”